Do the successful student characteristics limit this to only the high academic performers?

Our successful student characteristics don’t focus on a students grades, but rather their dispositions and motivations. The highest academic performing students in most schools tend to like attending school in-person. This program is designed for all students who are willing to try their hardest. Our secondary advisory model will proactively support students to keep them motivated and on-track for successful completion of coursework. Students don’t have to come with a 4.0 GPA. A positive attitude and a willingness to try their best is what will really matter here.

Successful students at NYVirtual will need…

  • Self-Motivation: Our dedicated teachers will be in daily contact, but you will also be responsible for making sure that you log in and work on your classes every day.
  • Time Management: Can you build your own schedule and stick to it? We will help you set a pace, but you have to keep to it!
  • Technology Skills: We will supply you with the technology, but you need to make sure you have the skills to master it.
  • Communication Skills: Don’t think for a second that you are going to be socially remote at this school. You will be engaged and talking with students and teachers on a daily basis!
  • Home Support: Our program is flexible, but it will still help to have support at home to keep you going through everything.
  • Commitment to Success: We want you to be academically successful, but you also need to bring a commitment for achieving great things at the Remote Learning Academy.

Who will be the teacher of record?

NYVirtual staff will serve as the teacher of record. Our Specialists of Online Learning are all NY State certified teachers.

Who grants credit for NYVirtual students?

The local district will grant credit and graduate students. Students remain fully enrolled in their local district. Similar to BOCES CTE programs, NYVirtual will recommend credit to the local district.

What schedule will students follow?

Live classes will follow the instructional calendar for Genesee Valley BOCES, though secondary students can continue to work over breaks, instructional staff may not be online for support. During instructional calendar breaks, advisory meetings and other synchronous video sessions will not be scheduled.

How will students take required examinations?

Students will need to take state exams through their local district.

Who provides the technology for students?

Genesee Valley BOCES will provide Chromebooks for students along with any necessary software access. The local district will be responsible for ensuring that the student has quality access to broadband internet.

Does this program generate BOCES aid?

Yes. This service is being provided through the Distance Learning CoSer of Genesee Valley BOCES. Most components of the program will generate aid. The only exception would be student materials beyond the curriculum. The source of funding used by the subscribing district will also impact aid. Grant funds or Title funds like the ESSER funding through the American Recovery Plan Act will not generate aid.

Does this service qualify for ESSER/American Recovery Plan Act funding?

NYVirtual is designed to support district needs in the areas of addressing unfinished learning (learning loss) and the continued need for remote learning options. The secondary program will be sustained beyond the funding period as a continuing option to support specific students for whom remote learning has been successful. The service also includes a robust SEL program designed to support the development of a learning culture and support students through any trauma from the pandemic. In those ways, the program is an ideal expenditure for ESSER funds.

Can the program grow if there are additional student enrollments?

Absolutely. This is a fully scalable program with staffing and budget designed to scale with student enrollment. New staff will be hired as we add 15-20 additional secondary students. There may be a small waiting period as quality staff are recruited and trained.

The program will also run under a house model with a maximum house size of 240 students. If that enrollment is reached, the existing house will be split into two new houses each with their own counselor and staff.

What about students with disabilities?

Please keep in mind that Tier I instruction for NYVirtual is self-paced for students working in an asynchronous, individualized setting. The courseware has built-in accommodations like read-aloud for text, but is still presenting a rigorous, on grade level, standards based program. The only service that can be provided by NYVirtual is that of an indirect consultant teacher. There are no direct student services provided; no direct consultant teacher and no special classes. Any related services or resource room needs will have to be met by the home district. We suggest holding a CSE meeting prior to enrollment to ensure that this will be a good fit.