An online academy by Genesee Valley BOCES

Designed to meet the ongoing needs of students who thrive in an online learning environment

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Fully Virtual Program

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Advisory Model for Success

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Personalized Learning

Secondary [6-12] – Enrolling Now!

  • Teachers advise about 15 students – focus on success
  • Students learn at their own pace with online classes
  • Teachers are there to support and answer questions
  • Regular check-ins with advisory teacher to stay on pace
  • Opportunities for personalized learning in electives
  • Students stay enrolled locally for sports/extra-curriculars
  • Meets all NYS middle/high credit requirements
  • Services for students with special needs limited to indirect consultant teaching
  • Check for online readiness using our student survey
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Information for School Districts

The NYVirtual Academy from Genesee Valley BOCES is designed to meet the learning needs of students who thrived during online learning, even after most students have returned to school. This program will meet the immediate needs of continued remote learners while establishing a successful model for the future.

Through this statewide program, Genesee Valley BOCES is able to provide a learning experience that meets the needs of students while still being affordable for districts at about $8,500 per student for the school year, and we provide the teachers and technology. For districts beyond our Mid-West JMT, the cost is $9,000 per year.

Schedule a meeting to learn more, or read through some of the frequently asked questions we have answered in our meetings about the program. You can also download an information flyer.

More Information

Dr. Christopher Harris cgharris@gvboces.org
or Schedule a Meeting

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